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Watch: A Groundbreaking Partnership

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Jan 20, 2016 11:59:11 AM

Redcentric x 3sixtysystems

As a fast growing IT company, we're constantlylooking toexpand here at 3Sixty Systems.As a software and managed service provider, we need a data centre to host our ever growing amounts of customer data. We have partnered with Redcentric because they offer secure, reliable servers and hosting in highly resilient data centres. 

Recently, our Managing Director featured in a case study video for Redcentric where he explains how we are using their services to deliver our software into the insurance and legal sectors but also to support growth into other markets such as local government and housing associations.  

As Ashley explains in the video, we are able to utilise added security accreditations through partnering with Redcentric. Our customers know that all their data is completely secure as Redcentric's data centre ticks all the boxes from a security and disaster recovery perspective. 

So, you know all the IT boxes are ticked should you choose 3Sixty as yor preffered claims software vendor. 

What other boxes need to be ticked when choosing your claims management system? Read our post below: 

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