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5 Tips to Help Local Authorities Get More From Their Data

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Sep 20, 2016 2:14:03 PM


I spoke about the importance of Data Integrity in a previous post titled 'You Can't Make Decisions Without Data'. The post outlined and discussed just how hard it is to make correct operational decisions without clean and accurate data. 

In this post, I will give you some tips that you can implement today and start using data to your advantage.

Why is it important to make the most of your data?

It's no secret that Councils are under increasing strain due to the financial restraints and tight budgets placed upon them. Under these circumstances, it's vital that the tools and resources at your disposal are made the most of in order to save time and money. 

A large proportion of our Public Sector customers come to us because their data is all over the place. Working from numerous spreadsheets, access databases and shared drives makes working in a cost-effective manner almost impossible.  

Data is your most powerful tool. It's changing the face of our world, and it's important that you keep up! The following tips to give you the best chance of staying on top of the game: 

5 tips to make the most of your data

1. Ensure that your data is accurate
If your data isn't accurate, then any work you do to analyse it is pointless. There needs to be is a standardised format for inputting information. Make sure the correct processes are in place so that the data you're working with is uniform and as clean as possible. 

2. Consolidate your data
Having vast amounts of information in many different formats makes it extremely difficult to stay organised and efficient. For example, you may want to pull together lots of data for a particular report. Making sure all your data is stored in one place is the best way to solve this issue. Whether it's on a specific program or via a cloud based application, wouldn't  this be much easier if it was all stored in the same place?

3. Get everybody involved
If you can, adopt a 'data management mind-set' amongst the organisation. Standardised data input will soon become second nature. Try and show people the benefits and the additional insights you gain when using data properly. The reason the private sector have become so big on data is because it helps everyone  do their jobs better.

4. Investment
For councils, this can often be the hardest hurdle to overcome. If you need to invest a bit in order to get the correct systems and procedures in place, do it. It's almost certain to save you in the long run due to all the time saved when working with data in the future. 

5. Data warehousing
Working with other councils and using each others data for analysis and reporting purposes can be hugely beneficial. It means that you get a wider view on behaviours and services, not just those in your area. Again, this will be made much easier if all of your information is stored in one accessible place. 

Managing your data with 3Sixty Systems

 3Sixty Systems have two core products, EvoClaim and EvoSafe. We take pride in assisting Public Sector organisations with their claims handling and health & safety processes.  

Our software has in-built document management and data integrity functionality to ensure that your data will be as integral as possible. 

If you want to find out more about how we could help you, email sales@3sixtysystems.com or call 0333 010 7999.

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