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Case Study: Denbighshire County Council

Posted by Ashley Moss on Jan 29, 2015 12:03:41 PM


3Sixty Systems are very pleased to announce a new working partnership with Denbigshire and Conwy County Councils.

Like many local authorities, Denbigshire County Council had been using an out-dated claims management system and was no longer was receiving updates or support from its provider. Essentially their current in-house system was causing more problems than it was solving.

Business & Risk Manager at Denbighshire, Chris Jones recalls when the decision was made to re-evaluate their systems at the Council.“We were approached by colleagues in Conwy to jointly procure a system as they were also in the market for an off the shelf claims solution and there is a likelihood the two authorities may merge in the near future so it made sense to use the same system if possible”.They required a new claims tool that offered the same functionality but also delivered improvements to the way they currently managed claims.

On the surface, 3Sixty’s insurance claims system, evoclaims ticked all the right boxes, so Chris invited them in for a presentation to show how the software could work for them. With budgets being a big deciding factor, the Denbighshire and Conwy teams were pleasantly surprised to find that evoclaim was better value for money than anything else they had seen. Moreover, the new system can be tailored to their exact needs, rather than having to change their own internal processes and practices to fit the software. This would mean a huge saving in time spent on training staff. Most software developers will attempt to squeeze extra money for future updates on software, a practice that often leaves most businesses feeling cheated on their IT, but 3Sixty offered updates and software maintenance as part of the package, which sealed the deal for the Welsh Councils.

Evoclaim will greatly help Denbighshire with reminders for claims handlers on tasks, deadlines and protocols. Making the move to a Cloud based system also allowed staff to safely access their own files from any location in an emergency. Streamlining these processes along with moving over to a Cloud based system will help councils all over the county reduce their legal fees, as Pre Action Disclosure requests decreases through good organisation.

3Sixty are still putting the final additions on Denbighshire and Conwy’s new claims management system and working closely with their new clients to ensure that they deliver on their expectations. In the meantime, Chris Jones at Denbighshire is feeling positive about evoclaim and reflects on his experience on working with the 3Sixty team so far: “3Sixty are easy to talk to and quick to respond to whatever queries we have. We hope to develop the system further to meet our future needs and to reflect any changes that are made in the claims process”.

Do you have questions on how to improve on your current claims management software or processes? Get in touch with us, call Danny Shipman on 0333 010 7999 or email info@3sixtysystems.com.


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