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[GUIDE] Cyber Security: What You Need to Know

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Aug 5, 2016 10:17:46 AM


Cyber security is a topic that is often shrugged aside in the workplace. Many people seem to believe that data breaches and cyber attacks only happen on the bigger companies with more to lose. 

Attacks on bigger organisations are the ones you hear in the news because they make the best headlines. However, The Telegraph reports that cyber attacks cost British industry £34bn per year. 

As employees, it's easy to take the opinion that our organisation's information security is solely the responsibility of the IT department. But we all have a role to play and being educated on how to stay secure can be the difference between safe data and a devastating cyber attack.

3Sixty Systems brings you a simple guide that will teach you the essentials of cyber security on a 'What You Need to Know' basis. You can download the guide by clicking here:

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