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Top 5 Health and Safety Apps

Posted by Abigail Moss on Jun 24, 2016 9:42:56 AM


Advances in technology mean that not only are you more contactable than ever, but you are also more connected.

Want to learn more about health and safety? There's an app for that. Want to check the ambient noise level? There's an app for that too.

So here we have listed the Top 5 Health and Safety Apps you can use on a daily basis to brush up your knowledgeand ensure the health and safety of yourself and others around you. We have no affiliation with any of the apps detailed in this blog.

1) Stay Safe Business App 

Stay Safe Business App

Price: Free
Available from:  Apple AppStoreAndroid GooglePlay store, Windows Store and Blackberry

Innovative and award winning app, Stay Safe is a cloud based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world. 

The very easy to use the app tracks location in real time, enabling employees to check in safely and request immediate assistance if required. 



All you need to do is  set the duration and location of you work, and add any notes about the nature of your lone working session. Then the app starts tracking.

Simple as that!

StaySafe offers a huge range of alerts and functions that are all customisable in order to meet your individual needs. And it's always available! All you need is your smart phone or tablet – no additional equipment is needed. Find out more... 


2) Health and Safety Awareness by Gomo Learning Limited

Health and Safety Awareness

Price: Free 
Available from: Apple AppStore

Designed specifically for healthcare, this useful educational app teaches you about the essential Health and Safety guidelines that must be adhered to. Course topics include:

  • Accidents and incidents

  • Reporting procedures

  • Hazardous substances

  • The work environment

You are asked questions whilst reading to check your understanding and improve your knowledge.  For Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust employees you can take an assessment to test your competency. 

Risk Service Officers give you expert guidance while your are using the app through videos, feedback on questions and examples. Find out more... 


3) Occupational Health and Safety by 10x Media Pty Ltd


Price: Free 
Available from: Apple AppStore and Android GooglePlay Store

Similar to the Health and Safety Awareness app, the Occupational Health and Safety App will keep you on the forefront of OH&S and Workplace Safety training, best practices, and information on the following topics from their featured experts and publishers.

Here are a few topics covered in the App: 

  • Occupational Health

  • Workplace Safety

  • OH&S Training and Tutorials

  • OH&S Jobs across the UK, USA, Australia and Canada

  • Facebook and Twitter Discussions  

This app keeps you informed and up to date on the latest in Health and Safety. Find out more... 


4) OHS Health and Safety Pocket App by Showtime Online


Price: Free 
Available from: Apple AppStoreand Android GooglePlay store

This app brings all of the latest health & safety industry news from the HSE and OHS to the palm of your hand. This up to the minute health & safety news app is the first place for UK business, organisations and professionals to get information that covers industry news and legislation to support health & safety requirements.

The app also includes details of health and safety events that are happening across the UK so that you can keep up to date with the industry and grab tickets to attend these events yourself!

Supporting UK H&S Businesses, the app features a useful downloads section that covers a wide variety of informative tips and guidance notes to assist you with your internal health & safety policies. Find out more... 


5) dB Volume Meter by Amanda Gates

dB Volume Meter

Price: £0.79
Available from: Apple AppStore 

Surrounding the Health and Safety of not only yours, but your colleagues and employees hearing also, the App provides a simple way to measure audio volumes in your working environment.

Featuring  the approximate dB(decibel) level, also known as the Sound Pressure Level(SPL). You can monitor audio volumes at work from for example machinery, to ensure your health and safety. Anything over the 80dB can lead to potential hearing damage so appropriate equipment is required. 


To conclude... 

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in health and safety. Apps for mobile devices can make life easier, whether it's essential training, keeping up to date with the latest industry developments or measuring a noisy environment.

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