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Don't trip! H&S stumbling block no. 5 - people

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Feb 10, 2017 2:34:20 PM

Here's a harsh fact for you: if you don’t have the required level of commitment to health and safety at all levels of your business, then you will always have serious limitations...  in short, 'people' can trip you up.

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Topics: Health & Safety, audit, staff engagement

[Guide] Don't trip! Avoiding the 5 Audit Stumbling Blocks

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Feb 1, 2017 3:42:44 PM

The UK has a great reputation for Health and Safety.  Getting the balance right between crippling bureaucracy and laissez-faire practices is not easy; perhaps even impossible.  But when even the slightest oversight can have dire consequences, it’s worth investing in thorough audit practices.

Our latest comprehensive guide covers the following:

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Topics: Health & Safety, audit

Watertight Audits and Inspections

Posted by Abigail Moss on May 27, 2016 4:04:33 PM

Compliance is a critical success factor for organisations which cannot be avoided. The costs and risks associated with non compliance can be crippling. That's why the audits and inspections you carry out have to be watertight.

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Topics: health and safety, inspection, audit

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