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Don't trip! H&S stumbling block no. 5 - people

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Feb 10, 2017 2:34:20 PM

Here's a harsh fact for you: if you don’t have the required level of commitment to health and safety at all levels of your business, then you will always have serious limitations...  in short, 'people' can trip you up.

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Topics: Health & Safety, audit, staff engagement

[Guide] Don't trip! Avoiding the 5 Audit Stumbling Blocks

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Feb 1, 2017 3:42:44 PM

The UK has a great reputation for Health and Safety.  Getting the balance right between crippling bureaucracy and laissez-faire practices is not easy; perhaps even impossible.  But when even the slightest oversight can have dire consequences, it’s worth investing in thorough audit practices.

Our latest comprehensive guide covers the following:

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Topics: Health & Safety, audit

Has Health and Safety Gone Mad?

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Jan 4, 2017 1:57:07 PM

Health and safety is a serious business and can have costly consequences if ignored or fudged.  Every year the HSE fine businesses millions of pounds for failing to protect their staff, clients or the public at large. 

Businesses and organisations have a duty of care and health and safety has such an important part to play in how that is achieved.  Yet health and safety isn't always taken seriously and can even be the target of ridicule for applying rules rigidly rather than using common sense.

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Topics: Health & Safety, jobsworth, common sense, applying the rules

[Infographic] The Health and Safety 12 days of Christmas

Posted by Tristan Dorman on Dec 21, 2016 11:17:13 AM

Did you know that over the past decade almost 25 percent of all workplace fatalities occurred in November and December? Increased activity over the festive period leads to a rise in accidents, with employers and employees not following sufficient safety procedures.

Make sure you stay on top of your health and safety this Christmas, don’t risk becoming a work related injury statistic. 

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Topics: Health & Safety

How to keep fit and healthy in an office

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Dec 21, 2016 11:13:00 AM

Unfortunately for most of us, work involves sitting behind a desk for many hours a day, generally staying rather static.  This can play havoc with our wellbeing and effectiveness.  Here are some tips, some quite radical, to avoiding the pitfalls of office work…

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Topics: Health & Safety, workplace, healthy eating at work, keeping active in the office

Health and safety by numbers

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Dec 14, 2016 12:43:38 PM

Health and safety has a massive impact on enterprise in the UK.  It affects the bottom lines of companies and the personal lives of workers, physically, financially and emotionally.  But how many are affected?  What are the numbers behind the common sense requirement to be kept safe at work?...

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Topics: Health & Safety, accidents in the workplace, HSE statistics

Be prepared for these seasonal hazards

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Dec 7, 2016 2:43:41 PM

Winter is always hazardous, but here’s our guide to the main increased risks that you (or your customers, tenants, employees, etc) will be exposed to this December, depending on your plans.  And, of course, tips from the experts on how to avoid them...

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Topics: Health & Safety, seasonal risks, christmas hazards

Christmas time, mistletoe and... party regrets?

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Nov 30, 2016 2:57:23 PM

As your staff Christmas party approaches, what is your priority?  Choosing the best outfit to wear?  Deciding between a traditional turkey dinner or the alternative menu option?  Or working out how to avoid disgracing yourself like Sandra from accounts did last year?

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Topics: Health & Safety, alcohol policy

What is health and safety and why is it important?

Posted by Tristan Dorman on Nov 22, 2016 5:21:27 PM

It seems a strange question. We all have a idea of what health and safety is, though quite often it is viewed, rather unfairly, in a negative light.

It can be seen as something which can hold a business back by throwing obstacles (not literally) in its path.

Yet it shouldn't be seen as a barrier, but as an enabler.  A cohesive health and safety policy provides a framework for efficient, and safe, production in the workplace. 

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Topics: Health & Safety

Substance misuse in the workplace: good cop or bad cop?

Posted by Gemma Nightingale on Nov 16, 2016 5:27:20 PM

You want to do right by your employees.  This involves being understanding when they go through hard times, after all, we’ve all been there, right?

But realistically, there is a limit to how understanding you can be when it comes to drugs, alcohol or other substance misuse. It damages health, causes absenteeism and reduces productivity. Worse still, an employee with alcohol or drugs in their system can have severely impaired judgement and concentration.  This increases the risk of accidents and incidents in the workplace.  Turning a blind eye would contravene the Health and Safety at Work Act...

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Topics: Health & Safety, substance misuse, alcohol policy, narcotics at work

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