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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Claims Team

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Sep 29, 2016 1:17:38 PM


Claims handling can be an extremely fast-paced profession, especially for those working for the Public Sector.

Huge case loads and minimal resources mean that simple mistakes can easily be made and result in unnecessary costs that most local authorities can really do without. 

So how can this common problem be fixed? Continue reading to find out...

Review your employee work loads

It's important to keep tabs on exactly what your team is working on. This doesn't mean turning up your micro-management persona to full blast. You simply need to make sure that everyone is comfortable with how much work they have on. There are too many opportunities for error in the claims handling process for your staff to be rushed! 

Analyse performance...

And analyse it properly. One example I have come across of performance not being analysed correctly in a claims handling role is as follows:

Claims Handler Geoff  has 40% more claims paid out than the Council average, he's clearly not performing as he should!

This is not necessarily the case - it may just be that poor Geoff is dealing with many more complex claims or has a bigger work-load. Scenarios like this may seem obvious enough, but you'd be surprised how often true 'root causes' get misinterpreted because there isn't the time (or the resources) available to analyse and report on situations properly. 

Work collaboratively 

Creating synergy within your claims team and other departments creates a sense of camaraderie and achievement which is essential to maintaining high levels of motivation. 

Teamwork doesn't mean everybody doing the same thing, rather everyone pulling in the same direction. Utilising different skill sets to get a job done to a better standard and more efficiently is the best way of working. 

Evolve your way of working

Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your processes. It's not always about the people, but what the people are doing. 

Ask yourself, is there anything that's taking longer than it should? What stage of the claims handling process drains the most resource? It may be that you need to improve this area of the overall process to speed things up.

Automate, automate & automate some more

We now work (and live) in a world that offers endless technological solutions that make our lives so much easier. Software has come a long way in the last ten years, and there are now systems available that can do parts of your job for you. 

Public Sector organisations are beginning to take heed and are starting to join the rest in embracing technology to improve the results from the work we do. 

What do we know?

You may be thinking that this all sounds well and good, but who are 3Sixty Systems to talk?

Well, to put it simply, our software EvoClaim will enable to you to do each of the above. It has been developed in conjunction with councils and insurance experts to solve real issues that public sector organisations are facing.

Insurance Managers come to us because they need to improve their claims handling department. It's as simple as that. Our software will collaborate your whole claims handling process and automate manual admin tasks for you along the way.

Want to find out more? Don't miss out...click below to book a demo:

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