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How Your Old Claims Management System is Costing, not Saving you Money!

Posted by Tristan Dorman on Feb 4, 2015 12:34:23 PM

We recently polled a sample of UK Councils to establish the state of play with their current claims management software and claims processes. The results make for interesting reading….

Our research found that nearly 50% of local authorities do not use specialist software for managing claims. From those councils who do have software to assist with their claims administration, a staggering 96% are using a system that is more than four years out of date.

We know from experience that out dated claims management systems can make simple tasks arduous and error prone and end up costing, rather than saving money!

So why don’t Councils simply buy in newer, more effective claims systems? Unsurprisingly, it simply comes down to cost. With government cuts applied across the UK, Councils have to make sacrifices internally to make ends meet for the taxpayer and, for many, procuring new systems just isn’t an option.

However, there is another side to this proverbial coin….by not updating their software and streamlining their processes, Councils are actually creating additional hidden costs to themselves in the long term. With newer, more advanced and reliable claims management technology, claims teams can be more efficient with their time and off-load the more labour intensive, menial tasks, freeing them up to do much more meaningful work.

Gathering data and building reports can take hours (and sometimes days!) on out-dated claims systems and even longer with no system at all. With EvoClaim, you can store huge volumes of claims data and generate reports in minutes. If the data is in the system, it can be reported on. What’s more, it can be set to auto-run and auto send reports to recipients, saving you the time to run and send the same reports over and over again.

Bespoke claims management software doesn’t have to cost the earth in implementation and training either. A good software developer like 3Sixty will build a system based around how you currently work; meaning that training for staff is minimal.

Something else that puts Councils off from updating their claims management software is the perceived issues that come with making the switch. For many Local Authorities, transferring to a new system seems like a daunting job, but making the change is much easier now than it ever has been. The whole process, from establishing your requirements to deploying and training, can take as little as 4 weeks and the 3Sixty team are on hand for support through any potential teething problems.

Then finally, there is the cost of maintaining a new system. Most developers will charge extra for software updates, but with us, updates are included in the price, so there’s no need to panic when your claims management system calls for a patch.

Taking all these factors into consideration, you might want to find out more about how you can upgrade to the latest in claims management technology and potentially save thousands of pounds in the process. To find out more, call Danny Shipman on 0333 010 7999 or email info@3sixtysystems.com. 


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