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1 of 5: Introduction to cybersecurity

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Nov 12, 2015 10:41:43 AM


Two big headlines over the past two weeks have prompted advanced discussions into the puzzling topic of cybersecurity. Whether you follow the news religiously, or simply have a quick glance at the Metro on your travels to the daily grind, the issue of cybersecurity is imminent. But what actually is it? And why is it so important to the Public Sector as well as corporate firms?

Technology has enabled huge advances and capabilities to local authorities, empowering efficiency and productivity through automation and incredible MI. However, with these new advantages comes a new kind of threat...

The word cyber is used as a prefix to describe anything relating to computer science. Cyber security defines the technologies and processes in place to prevent attacks on an organisation’s information and data.

As we work closely with local authorities, we see from a true perspective how important information security is within the Public Sector. Over the next week we will be taking a closer look at cyber security within the Public Sector.

Here are links to each of the articles:


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