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Reporting - 5 Key Things to Bear in Mind

Posted by Elliott Seaton on May 16, 2016 4:02:41 PM


Reporting is a task that most of us have to do regardless of our 'level' in our organisations. It's not just managers that are required to build reports. Other employees are also required to build reports, whether it's to assess KPI's or figure out whole business plans and make important decisions.

There are a few key things you should keep in mind when producing reports. In this post I will outline these points, and explain how 3Sixty Systems have crafted the perfect tool to do it all for you.

1. Data Management

It makes sense to start at the very beginning. Good data integrity is the absolute key to reporting. Think about it, if there are numerous disparities in the information you are reporting on, the report is going to be wrong. It's like building a house using jelly.

Read my blog about why You Can't Make Decisions Without Data to discover more. 


2. Choosing your data points

The next thing to consider is the different data metrics you are going to use/include.

The purpose of a report is to bring together quantities of data and present them in a format that is easy to interpret. Think about what your report is trying to show and don't include any unnecessary information. A good report is clear, concise and to the point. 


3. Report structure

It's true that for many reports a simple numerical overview will suffice. However, sometimes you need to display a bigger picture and include evaluations. This is where you can stand out from the crowd. 

For these reports you will also need to include some written commentary and it's important that you structure this well. Click here to see a good example of how to do this. 


4. Presentation

Okay, so you don't need to spend hours on making your weekly activity report look pretty. And sometimes creating graphs can be a time consuming process.

That said, using alternative methods to present your information however is a sure fire way to make your report more interesting. Bar graphs are especially good for making data interpretable at a glance, while Line graphs are good for displaying trends. 


So... what's number 5?

If you take the above 4 points into consideration, you are certain to produce an accurate and well presented report. 

I know what you're thinking. How are you supposed to find the time in your week to create these reports? It takes you long enough to compile the data, never mind making it look like a collaboration between Microsoft Office and Vincent Van Gogh. 



3Sixty Systems to the rescue...

You may be aware of our claims management system, EvoClaim. You may not. If reporting is something  you're struggling with, it's important you listen up now.


5. EvoClaim

Reporting is just one of the areas of functionality that makes EvoClaim the most advanced claims management system on the market. It's hard for me however, to explain exactly how useful it is without getting into the detail. 

In a nutshell, EvoClaim will pick out the information you need and present it for you in a matter of seconds. Not days...not even hours. Seconds.

Our claims management system has even been developed with data integrity in mind. Of course, the written evaluation is a job you still have to do unfortunately. But what EvoClaim allows you to do is focus more on the evaluation and decision making than the number crunching. You can say goodbye to days spent compiling data from all kinds of different places. 

I'd like to personally invite you to a free consultation so that you can see the benefits first hand of EvoClaim's reporting (along with a host of other best-in-class features). You can even choose a face-to-face meeting or an online demo. It's up to you...

I just want to make sure you see it:

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If you require any further information you could also drop us an email on info@3sixtysystems.com or give me a call on 0333 010 7999.


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