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The Top 3 Insurance Qualifications to Turbocharge Your Career

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Jun 9, 2016 11:50:51 AM


Qualifications are often an important factor for career development in any industry. If you're working in insurance however, an extra qualification usually means a higher paycheck and instant progression.

Qualifications are proof that you have knowledge or skill in a certain area. Of course, just because you don't have a qualification doesn't mean that you don't know about a particular subject. 

But it always helps to have a little backing right?

There are a few different qualifications benficial to someone looking for a successful career in insurance. In this post I have picked out the best ones for you. 

1. CII Certificate in Insurance (Cert CII)

The CII Certificate in Insurance is the first rung in the insurance career ladder. Completing this qualification will ensure that you:

  • have a basic knowledge of insurance principles and regulations
  • underwriting and claims disciplines 
  • popular insurance products
  • a basic understanding of the London market

This qualification is a great foundation if you want to kick-start your career. It will show potential employers that you are serious about gaining the technical knowledge as well as the experience.

2. CII Diploma in Insurance (Dip CII) 

If you already hold the CII Certificate, completing the Diploma is the next step you should take. If you're looking to progress your knowledge and become a team leader, or have ambitions of assuming a managerial role this is the right qualification for you.

It is also a flexible course, as it allows you to choose from a selection of units. Some of these include:

  • fundamentals of insurance practice
  • legislation
  • risk management
  • marine insurance

Completing this qualification is a great milestone to completing the Advanced Diploma in Insurance...


3. CII Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII)

The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is appropriate for people aspiring to be Insurance Managers or Technical Specialists. 

Upon completion of this qualification you will be able to apply for Chartered status with the following titles:

  • Chartered Insurer
  • Chartered Insurance Broker
  • Chartered Insurance Practitioner
  • Chartered Insurance Risk Manager

Chartered status covers many of the financial and legal sectors too, creating an envelope of certified professions. 

We live in a age that is lacking public trust, so being Chartered can be hugely advantageous as it is proof that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy enough to have the accreditation.


If you're looking to become an expert in a particular area, there are also additional course and qualifications and awards you may wish to consider:

  • Award in London Market Insurance
  • Certificate in Contract Wording
  • Certificate in London Market Insurance Specialisation
  • Certificate in Insurance Market Specialisation

Work your way up the ladder and you'll be sure to become a key player in any organisation.

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