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5 Tips to Help Local Authorities Get More From Their Data

Posted by Elliott Seaton on Sep 20, 2016 2:14:03 PM

I spoke about the importance of Data Integrity in a previous post titled 'You Can't Make Decisions Without Data'. The post outlined and discussed just how hard it is to make correct operational decisions without clean and accurate data. 

In this post, I will give you some tips that you can implement today and start using data to your advantage.

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Topics: councils, data management

Digital Transformation: A Public Sector Nemesis?

Posted by Elliott Seaton on May 10, 2016 1:02:12 PM

Digitalisation of operations and business process' is by no means the new kid on the block. In fact, we're almost 20 years into this technological evolution that's transforming businesses all over the world.

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Topics: Housing associations, technology, public sector, councils