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How to Detect a Liar & 7 Key Signs of Fraud

Posted by Abigail Moss on Jul 4, 2016 2:32:12 PM

Fraud is a common crime in the UK and can badly effect businesses and their profits.

"Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year. Last year fraud losses to SMEs were estimated at £18.9 billion."- Action Fraud Police

Many fraudsters these days have a variety of ways of committing fraud and most "get away with it"  by transferring money between accounts and taking out cash payments to avoid getting caught.

Lying and fraud go hand in hand, so in this post we cover how to spot a liar and the key signs of fraud you should be looking out for.

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Topics: Fraud, insurance fraud, HSE

19 Practical Tips to Avoid Work-related Back Pain

Posted by Abigail Moss on Feb 10, 2016 1:16:50 PM

According to the Health and Safety Executive in theirlatest report (Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WRMSDs) Statistics, Great Britain, 2015):

"In 2014/15 the working days lost due to
work related back disorders was 2,957,000 days
with the average number of days lost per case of 13.3 days.”

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Topics: EvoSafe, HSE, risk management, health and safety